All For Art 2021 – a juried student art exhibition

Artist: Logan Mercier
Title: Bestfriends
Medium: graphite drawing pencils on paper
AFA Candidate
Artist: Emmalee Locke
Title: November
Medium: charcoal and conte crayon on paper
Artist: Danielle Fish
Title: Lost Boot
Medium: charcoal
AFA Candidate
Artist: Laura Daly
Title: Route 63
Medium: digital photography
Artist: Ryan Albrecht
Title: Sunrise Shift
Medium: graphite on paper
Artist: Aaron Fahnestock
Title: Frontline
Medium: photography
Price $65
Artist: Tatum Whiteford
Title: Crowded Coast
Medium: acrylic on canvas
Price: $120
Artist: Katryna “K@” Hinkley
Title: Passage
Medium: oil on masonite
Price: $250
AFA Candidate
Artist: Ethan Emary Yonezawa
Title: On Self
Medium: graphite on paper
Artist: Robyn Peterson
Title: Bronze Dragon
Medium: bronze
AFA Candidate
Artist: Monica Sauer
Title: Jar
Medium: charcoal
Artist: Tracy Norman
Title: Lake Superior Found Trash
Medium: recycled paper pulp, embossed with plastic fencing.
Artist: K Catten Ely
Title: Natural Bridges DSP
Medium: digital photography
AFA Candidate

Artist: Amber M. Smith
Title: Inter-dimensional Dreamscapes
Medium: oil on canvas
AFA Candidate
Artist: Jun Tan
Title: Kitchen
Medium: pencil, vine charcoal, willow charcoal
Artist: Jacqueline Keating
Medium: face paint and eyeshadow on face
AFA Candidate
Artist: Katherine Bayliss
Title: Am I cursed?
Medium: conte crayon on paper
Price: $100
Artist: Sarah Stojevich
Title: Pileated Woodpecker
Medium: acrylic on canvas
AFA Candidate
Artist: GeAn Merkouris
Title: Taking Flight
Medium: colored pencils on paper
Artist: Quintessa Taft
Title: Yellow
Medium: soft pastel, charcoal on paper
AFA Candidate

Artist: Kaytlyn Syverson
Title: Items for Ransom
Medium: charcoal with charcoal pencil

Artist: Melani Kompelien
Title: Thoughts On My Grandmother
Medium: pastel on paper
Artist: Dylan Stone
Title: Untitled
Medium: ink on paper
AFA Candidate
Artist: Melissa Artus
Title: Take a Walk
Medium: ink on paper
AFA Candidate
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